Comedy served with a touch of Italian


Likeable, energetic, and charming are just a few words to describe Paolo Busignani. Did we mention funny? Growing up with a parent from San Marino, Italy and one from Detroit, Michigan; Paolo is a passionate Italian with a Mid-Western charm that gets audiences rolling with laughter. Growing up speaking Italish (an incoherent mix of Italian and English) he uses characters and storytelling to bring audiences into his world. He draws upon his family, painful life lessons, being a single father, and his numerous opinions, to give his audience an experience they won’t soon forget. Paolo’s comedy and life stories hit so close to home that you almost think he’s talking about you.

Being very active in charities involving children, cancer research and veterans; he has performed for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, A Mission of Love, and Veterans of Foreign Wars. Whether he has performed in a club, festival, small town or big city; audiences can agree on one thing. He’s funny! Paolo has worked with the likes of Dave Landau, Joe Machi, and Rocky Laporte.

Charitable work for childhood cancer